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Why Learn Power Chords?

Do you want to be a Rock God?  You’ll need to learn Power Chords.  “What are they?” you might ask.  Well, Guitar Power Chords can be two or more notes that are played together.  Maybe you are thinking “Why should I learn them?”  Most rock songs and punk songs use Power Chords, because they just sound super cool on an electric guitar with some distortion.  Rock legends knew this and some people say that Pete Townshend of the Who was the first to coin the term Power Chords.  He used them quite a bit on “My Generation” and “Baba O’Riley”- two massively successful Power Chord songs.

So if you want to jam like a true rock star (Rock God!) Power Chords will be an essential part of your playing.

The good news: Power Chords are the easiest chords you will learn. These are easier than learning open chords! I even suggest you learn Power Chords before you learn open chords, because it will give you a good foundation of root notes and music theory.  When learning your guitar chords, these should be the first you learn. These are the easiest to understand and require less finger dexterity than other chords.

If you are just learning to play the guitar throw your acoustic in the closet and pick up an electric. Yes, this may seem crazy and you might ask, “WHY?”

Because there are two reasons people give up on learning the guitar:

Why would you give up on guitar?

1. It hurts your fingers
2. Learning the notes on the guitar just seems way too complicated.

Starting with an electric guitar solves number #1.  The electric guitar has very light strings, which are very easy to press down on. It doesn’t hurt your fingers as much as a steel string acoustic, and it sounds way cooler than a classical guitar.  Plus, Power Chords sound awesome with an electric and some distortion.


Throwing on a new product called AxeTape and using Power Chords solves #2.  Power Chords can be moved up and down the neck of the guitar without changing your fingering.  All you have to know is the notes on a guitar. That’s where Axe Tape comes in.



You just throw it on your guitar and next thing you know all the notes pop out at you. See the picture above . With Axe Tape you can play all the Power Chord progressions easily.  Check it out at www.axetape.com.

 Power chord songs

Check out www.ultimateguitar.com This site kicks some butt! Look up AC/DC, Metallica, Sum 41, Blink 182, Nirvana… these bands are all heavily into the use of Power Chords.

Just to get you started below is a quick Power Chord chart referencing the two most common Power Chord shapes. These are noted in music by the number 5, or the 5th note, such as the A5, B5, C5, etc. With this you can find the F power chord, the C power chord, etc. Again, these can be used up and down the neck of the guitar using the index finger as the root.

Good Luck and Rock On!!


The root note determines the name of the chord; notice the root note is circled:

power chords

Punk Rock Freedom!

I was reading some comments from Kurt Cobain about his music. He said that, “Punk is musical freedom. It’s saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster’s terms, ‘nirvana’ means freedom from pain, suffering and the external world, and that’s pretty close to my definition of Punk Rock.”

This is the philosophy of power chords!  You don’t have to be Eddie Van Halen, or Eric Clapton to shred on guitar.  Learning power chords lets you sound like a rock god, and gives you freedom from the limitations of open chords, and the difficulty of Barre Chords. Power chords allow you to focus less on your fingering positions and lets you focus more on rhythm, your strumming, and little soloing techniques.  You can turn any song into a rocking masterpiece with heavy down beat strumming, or into a lovely lullaby with soft finger-picking styles.

Best of all, power chords allow you to easily create your own songs!  You can focus on creative melodies, rhythm, and style.


Punk Rock songs usually follow the same basic structure.  I call it the box theory, you are basically using a box pattern with your chords.

Picture a Box in your head. 




Now apply that pattern to power chords starting with the G, C, D, A.

power_chords- song structure - 4 Chords

Guess what? You just wrote a song in the key of G!  🙂  Pretty easy, huh?

Now move the pattern down to the A on the 5th fret:

Blitxkrieg Bop-power_chords- song structure - 3 Chords


This is Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones!   Just add the strumming and the Hey Ho Lets go…..  🙂